what is the first thing you will do if you know you'll die tomorrow?

You and Death - This photo illustrates a girl innocently talking to a stranger whom she even doesn't know would take her little life. But with her sweet voice of friendliness, can she befriend the ghost of death and escape her early destiny?
January 15, 2010 12:05pm CST
What if someone told you that your last day will be the day after this day. For me, at first I'll definitely not believe but if he told me different signs and if these signs really happened then I should start thinking. The thought of death always strikes me, it would be very hard to handle that kind of situation. I could have died even before that day comes due to heart attack!LOL I'm just curios of what people would do if that situation comes. uhm. I think I'll definitely go home and hug all my themembers of the family and definitely say goodbye to all, my friends and loved ones. Hoping this will never happen.^^
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• United States
15 Jan 10
I would make peace with anyone I was at odds with, and make sure my family knew how much I loved them. I have a strong faith, and have had enough medical issues in my life that I am really not afraid to die, though I am not looking for it any time soon. I think I would go see some friends, and take in the local sites that I have missed like a walk along the beach. Just take in the sites, sounds, and smells that we take for granted everyday of our lives. I would think if you knew for fact you were going to die tomorrow your senses would be extremely high and I would want to take it all in one last time.