people you don't like

January 15, 2010 8:24pm CST
what do you when you have a party and you have people that you don't like to be around but you have no choice but to invite them because it is a need? well, we are faced with the same predicament. and since ours is a catered affair the number of heads is really a concern. and they are one family, as in 4 of them! my husband doesn't want to invite them at all. but for the sake of peace, i will invite the parents. so that there won't be issues with us. i told my husband that we can have our stand in other times, but not during our daughter's birthday. sigh, i don't want problems like them. i am a peacemaker. but sometimes really, why do we invite people we don't like? i still have two other people that i don't want to invite because they are very insulting but because they are with us in our group, it is a must. what do you during these times? what can you say about this predicament?
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• Philippines
16 Jan 10
Hi spoiled311! This is one tough decision to make huh? Well, there were instances in the past where people I don't like just shows up at parties or simple get-togethers. They either gate-crushed or were invited by people I invited. If that is the case, I will just ignore their presence which worked in my favor a lot of times. Besides, I do not feel the obligation to spend much time with them since I did not invite them anyway. It just so happened they're already there and I don't think driving them away right in the middle of the party is a good idea. But if the scenario is in making the decision whether to invite or not, I will always make a stand and will not invite people I do not like.
• United States
16 Jan 10
My daughter has had birthday party's all her life. I have never once invited her grandparents. To be honest I have never invited anyone from her fathers side of the family. I don't care about their feelings at all. They have never cared about my daughter's. so to answer your question I would not invite anyone to my home or party that was going to make me upset.