Fight with bedtime?

@cmhjjh (99)
United States
January 15, 2010 10:15pm CST
My 4 year old son doesn't take naps anymore for the most part. Days he doesn't nap betime is fine but from about 4:30ish to bedtime he is a bear. Days he does take a nap bedtime is usually drawn out to about 10ish. What to do? I don't know we do a mix because that is what kind of works for now but boy it is a double edged sword. I like days he takes naps it gives me chace to re-energize but at the same time so does to sleeping kids at 8pm. UGH.
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@luvmysons (497)
• United States
2 Feb 10
I have a 4 year old son too. Very active little man who doesnt really nap either. I usually prefer him not to nap because he goes to bed at 7:30-8 then. WIth no argument. But like you my son becomes very hyper at about 4 till bedtime.. I usually try and give him a early bath to calm him down and on those days I try and put him in to bed at about 7-7:30..
16 Jan 10
It seems like theres a no win situation, we have a son with learning difficulties due to a very traumatic pregnancy, so to get him to sleep my wife usually lies with him from 7pm onwards this can be for upto 2 hours, our 2 year old will easily fall asleep through his tea just before bed if we dont let him nap early try to give him a nap 5 hours after he wakes for an hour if you can fit it into your routine that way if he gets up at 7 he will nap at 12 till 1 then awake for another 5-6 hours before bedtime, just make sure to make him an early filling lunch
• United States
16 Jan 10
Well what you could try doing is putting him on a nap schedule and just kind of making a judgment call as to how long you let him sleep during the day. Perhaps by developing a pattern of a shorter nap scheduled at the same time everyday you can get him to go to bed at a more regular time at night.