have you fall inlove but have to say goodbye?

@shylade (3137)
January 16, 2010 12:33am CST
a song goes this way... i ilove you, goodbye... do you have to say goodbye to someone you love? why? is this still hurt you up to this day? many of us i think have experienced this kind of situation when you have to let go of someone you love. for so many reasons, like family, career, or the circumstances that keeps you apart.
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@jennix22 (14)
• Philippines
27 Jan 10
ive been to this situation before. I love him but i have to say goodbye because i know our relationship will just hurt so many people especially our loved ones. but we end up well and we say thank you to each other for all the happy memorise we have shared and say good bye. we both understand that this relationship were not really meant us. What we have is more of a right love in a wrong time. it hurts at first but we moved on easily. the good thing is we are still friends until now. we call it special friendship. we have to say goodbye because im committed with somebody and he has commitment with his work and his family. he cannot promise me anything but a spare of his spare time. though i love him more than i understand the situation still i cannot accept it so we decided to end it up and be friends.
@lbbaby (489)
• China
18 Jan 10
Well, yes. I had fell in love with a guy in my senior high school. I like him very much. But when he asked that whether I could be his girlfriend, I refused. Some people said that I was stupid. Well, now I think so. I like him but I was afraid of losing him when we broke up so I decided to keep in the current relationship was better. Now we are still good friends but I know he remembers it all the time that I have refused him that he once asked me that did I regret of refusing him. Now if he askes me again, I would say yes because I realize that I should follow my heart and I don't want to regret in the future. But I think he won't.
@abhi_bangal (3686)
• India
18 Jan 10
I have done that myself. In fact, I had to do that. The circumstances were such that I had to leave her. In fact, I had to let her go. We were lovebirds on the Net. We found each other through chatting. There might be many more such examples too of this. One of them was ours. She was a good-looking woman who stayed around 200 KMs from my place. We found each other quite pleasurable while chatting. Chatting turned into acquaintance and acquaintance turned into friendship. We had not physically seen each other, but started dating each other as to when I would come online or I asked her time for chatting. This grew steadily and we were soon in love and did not know when. We exchanged our addresses. We exchanged our numbers and we had already exchanged our hearts. I travelled all these 200 KMs on a couple of occasion to meet her face to face. I found all this quite exhilarating. However, all this was like a bubble on thin water as the entire building came crashing down that we both had so steadily erected. I had to leave her so she had to. The reason has no meaning now as I lost my love totally and forever. The time after that was very cruel. The world seemed to come to eat me. Nevertheless, that was of no use as I had to live with the same hurt deep inside me.
@MJAL08 (275)
16 Jan 10
Yes, i have fallen in love and had to say goodbye because i had to. You know why, i love him so much i want him to be happy even if his happiness isn't with me. I can set aside my feelings and let him go. It hurt to the very core and it made me cry for months but the hurt eventually faded with time but the lessons will always stay with me. I hope where ever he is at this hour and who ever the person his with right now, i wish she would treat him the way he deserved to be treated and love him truly.
@jasmeena (850)
• Indonesia
16 Jan 10
Almost similar with one of the speaker`s experience..because he is far away, actually he is the one who understands me. We are in same religion. Besides that, i had to say goodbye to someone because of religious difference..it is hard, but you have to..Be sure that God will give you THE BEST at the RIGHT MOMENT
@atebuds (187)
• Philippines
16 Jan 10
Oh, it's very painful! I felt so restless and I always thought of him, in everything I did. But, in time, you find yourself getting over it already. But you really have to pass through a difficult time emotionally because it doesn't disappear immediately. It's a long process for me. Especially if the person is really special to me.