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January 16, 2010 2:47am CST
i had one about steve mcnair and how i was so sick of hearing about his death and some one had replied that maybe it would be a distraction from michael jacksons death.. it dawned on me that now with all the celebrities that passed in 2009 i dont even remember many other than michael jackson and maybe farrah faucett and patrick swayze (of course brittany murphy but that was recent) how sad is that? that mj is still over powering other people X amount of months later? i mean i was saying the other day i was sick of hearing about him but never thought about all the people i was forgetting because of how much i was hearing about him and only him.. have you found that you cant remember other celebrity deaths other than mj? and do you think that its because he was so great or just the media kind of giving us amnesia on everyone else because they wont shut up about him?
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@uath13 (8207)
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16 Jan 10
I'm for the amnesia theory. I still can't go to a store without seeing something about MJ. Swayze & Murphy were barely a blip on the media radar by comparison. Glad I could help inspire you,
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21 Jan 10
lol yeah its annoying now i mean i believe in giving a guy what he is due but not in ignoring everyone for one person for an insanely long time