Favorite Open-source Software?

United States
January 16, 2010 3:55am CST
What open-source software do you find yourself using the most? For me it has to be Open Office. My laptop didn't come with Microsoft Office pre-installed and I wasn't willing to fork out the cash for it. Anything I would need to do with Microsoft Word I can do with Open Office Writer! Plus it comes with other powerpoint, excel-esque programs. How about everyone else?
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@androbot (89)
• India
17 Jan 11
Mozilla Firefox and Open Office are my personal favorites. I do like Mozilla Thunderbird as well. But I cannot imagine the internet without Mozilla Firefox...
• United States
5 Jan 11
I've never used many open-source software before. I actually can't even remember most of the ones I have used. But I'd have to say Open Office is my favorite as well. I found out about it just a few weeks ago and have enjoyed using it ever since.
@thedark (156)
• India
27 Jan 10
i find open source softwares very handy. not only they are free but also they are somewhat close to their commercial competitors. take microsofts office and openoffice for example. open office is free and quite close to ms office in terms of features. and the icing on the cake is that its free. ewr should help the open source community by downloading and using open source softwares
• India
25 Jan 10
i rarely use open source software's. the last time i used it it was blender perhaps but again i couldn't get head or tail of blender so i shifted to maya once you get used to paid software's its quite impossible to go back to open source software's. well i do use some open source software's like codec packs and some media players like vlc and flv player i use commercial softwares the most
• Macedonia
16 Jan 10
I think Ms Power Point is better then Linux Impress. There are so little effects in it.
@mrfdg1972 (3238)
• Philippines
16 Jan 10
i dont seem to get what open source software means. kind of dumb hah. are you refering to MS Office 97, i kind of use it alot.
@Gladi472 (82)
• Romania
16 Jan 10
Open-source Software? Easy ...Linux or anything Linux specific.
• Philippines
16 Jan 10
Thank you for informing us of its existence, I have Microsoft Office installed in my laptop and the only complain that i have about it is it doesnt have a Picture Manager.I really cnat tell what Microsoft that i have but im sure its not 2003 series.I find this 2003 series very basic. But i will try open-source, and see how i can make use of it . Thanks.