Is it ok to put up a food business?

January 16, 2010 9:46am CST
Is it OK to put up a food business even there are a lot of competitors around you?
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• Philippines
30 Jan 10
you can put up a good business,as long you are not directly in competition with others and you are offering something direct competition,meaning you will sell the same products your competitors are can stand out by selling something different that you think will appeal to your target market.consumers will remember your business when you out up something new.consumers are open to try new tastes.
@CJscott (4184)
• Canada
21 Jan 10
Of course it is okay, but if you don't set your self apart, as was mentioned in the previous responses, prepare for defeat. My advice, a very good plan of attack. Competition is good for everyone, it leads to innovation. Best of Luck.
• Philippines
17 Jan 10
Hi there! Charm21 is right... As long as you have something unique to offer, it is ok to put up a food business even if there's already a lot of other food establishments in the area. I have been in the food business for the past 10 years particularly in the san juan and pasig area... As an advice, you should always consider the following; (1) menu - it is a great advantage if you will offer something unique or extra-ordinary, (2) price - depending on your target market, your price must be competitive with the others (remember, most people now eat depending on their budget), (3) taste - this is another distinct advantage especially if you can offer it at the same price with your competitors. if you like to discuss this matter further, just PM me. thanks and good luck.