Civil Rights how far have we really come?

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January 16, 2010 7:27pm CST
On Monday, we will be celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day and honoring his work that he did to fight for equal rights. I was so inspired by the great assembly that we had at a local public school on Martin Luther King Jr. When I reflect we have come far in some areas of promoting equal rights. We have an African American president and a Hispanic Supreme Court Judge. Then, today I turn on the news and see the protest in Arizona against the Maricopa Sherriff for his policy on racial profiling. When I see this on the news I question how much progress have we really made in civil rights. In addition, Arizona is one of the states that seperates English Lanage Learners (ELL) from the mainstream general education students. It is my opinion that we still have segregation and discrimination however we have shifted the focus of those beliefs from African Americans to illegal immigrants into the country. In addition, we still tend to think differently about people that come from different social economic backgrounds. People still judge each based upon how they are dressed. It is my belief that people will not be equal until we see people for their character on the inside and not judge them based upon their outward appearance. This means skin color, hair, clothes, and so forth. What is your opion and refliction about equlity, cival rights, and the progress of our nation?
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@oneidmnster (1389)
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17 Jan 10
In my opinion,we've come very far with civil rights.I know blacks and hispanics that have climbed the ladder in my industry.I've also seen them get a position because of their race.My company has a president in charge of diversity.To me,that means we hire in order to get the right mix of people,not the best people. As for racial profiling,blacks make up about 12% of our population,but make up 50% of the prison population.If the police stop blacks for some reason,it's not racial profiling,it's the law of averages.The same goes for hispanics.If you can't speak the english language,you're probably not legal. If blacks want to be treated equally,they have to stop trying to differenciate themselves.The only way to be African-American is if you were born in Africa and immigrated to the United States.They also have to stop blaming all of their problems on whites.Blacks and hispanics have every right they can get.They have to take advantage of them.
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