hmm.. do you know how to read dreams?

January 16, 2010 9:12pm CST
i dream of god in the middle of calamity and flash fllod, yah , i dont know if you will believe.. he is just a light .. but he is calling me.. he is a big light in the middle of the clouds.. i dream of virgin mary, she's teaching me to turn the ordinary water to a holy one.. i dream of jesus christ in his crucifix.. i dream of a black hole and a big calamity!! hat was tha for?|
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• India
17 Jan 10
it is really great to listen from you that you dream jesus. i used to dream early but this time i don't. yes dream is related to what you think and what type of mind set do you have? i think you must be praying too much to god. go ahead in the dream you may find some thing more strange in it. i don't know how to read the dream.
• Philippines
17 Jan 10
i a;ways have a weird dream .. so i keep on asking HIM .. what is that for .. i really dont know what re his plans.. for me to think that maybe im going to die so soon .. thats why!! ahha
@jofeli (504)
• Indonesia
17 Jan 10
Actually I don't know much how to read/interpret dreams (I have a friend who can do that). But in my opinion, your dream may lead you to a noble task you should conduct in the future, say, do some 'miraculous' stuff, like maybe helping disasters' victims, lift up the poor, children's welfare, etc. Something to do with voluntary acts (social activities). I believe that Jesus will help you through those times. And I do believe He would give you the best and make you a better person than you are now. Sorry if I got it wrong, but it just comes across my mind when I read your post...
• Philippines
17 Jan 10
well its okay .. maybe you are definitely right .. he wand me to become a better person!!
@Hidaisy (181)
• United States
27 Jan 10
Oh,god!i'd like to say your dream was really strange and colorful,i don't know how to read dream but my mom has a mysterious book which has something about read dreams in it just like if you had dreamed shomthing it means...