end of the world?

January 17, 2010 12:37am CST
now, im currently listening to bizzy bone's end of this world 2012. is this really true. even the movie 2012? will the world come to an end? what do you think? is it the end of the world coming?
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@Hubfee (665)
• Thailand
17 Jan 10
yup it is coming, just don't know when. Thinking of population in this world that is increasing everyday. There is only consumption and production to consume. There's no real creation then one day things will be gone. Like moise on a bread, one day it will be covered all.
19 Jan 10
even the global warming itself is already a strong evidence that it will happen. population growth is also one ..hehe
@lilyrayne (107)
• United States
17 Jan 10
Well the sun is a star all stars die when it does what it does our world will end...we can't survive without the sun.But as far as it happening in 2012, despict all the biblical simularities, wars, disease, What the aztecs prophecized, and many others believe..personally i think it will be seceral hundred years before it occurs.
19 Jan 10
hi lilaryne, whatever happens, we just have to accept and be ready it when it comes, we will never know when will it happen. hehe
@Hazelrose (2185)
• Philippines
17 Jan 10
Hi giovanni1326, yes the Second Coming of Christ is the End of the World. But 2012, is the coming of Christ is the prediction of man. If we base in the Bible, even our Lord Christ Jesus doesn't know when will He came back, but the Father alone knows it. But according to the prophecy in the Bible Christ is near to come, because all the things He have said is done. So we must prepare for it, because the judgment day is fast approaching.
17 Jan 10
nobody can really say when will it end.. we just have to accept it when it comes. but i hope it will not come. hehe or happen