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you are a dynamic and active  - Psycho simple, for reflection
@advokatku (4037)
January 17, 2010 8:54am CST
there is a simple psycho-test to determine your personality. but you should be HONEST in answering questions and ANSWERS DO NOT SEE RESULTS before you fill out the psycho below ... READY?You stand in front of the mouth of cave and you should enter to that cave. you don't know the length of the cave, in front of the mouth of cave there any 10 candles .. How many candles do you bring? (remember you don't know the length of cave) after you enter the cave and out of the cave, in front of you there are two springs. waterfalls and quiet pools. you want a shower, where are you going to shower? (there was no human one) after a shower, you are hungry. front of you served food at two tables .... 1 table for 4 people ... 1 more long table with various dishes ... where you will eat? This is the most important question ..... what is your animal is very afraid .... This psycho answers Reflect the dark cave of our lives ... we never know what is in front of us .. when we are rich when we fall and when we die ... candles reflects our spouse .. who accompanied us through the dark cave life. . The second question is a reflection of our hearts if you bathe in the waterfall ... then you are a dynamic and active you just tend to drift. if you choose to bathe in a quiet pond you include the passive and careful in dealing with anything except that you tend to be afraid mangmbil challenges in life. when you shower naked reflect that you are an open person and easy to trust people but have the tendency to reckless .. if you are not naked person you are likely to be closed and the heart. The third question reflects your attitude to the community. if you eat at the big table means you are person who likes to hang out with bersosialiasi and many groups. if you eat at your small table that does not include quick personal trust many people. you feel comfortable in lingakaran friends/ family close to you only. The fourth question is the most important question ... proverb says there is the greatest enemy of yourself so that your animal picture was actually afraid of your own is ... how much you can control your fear and make it your strength from. please ponder these psycho ... I am waiting for your response ....
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