love hurts

@novelcai (603)
January 17, 2010 9:01am CST
is there anyone here in mylot experience love but ddnt experienced pain? why love hurts? can we just fall in love and be happy? life is hard, to find true love is really hard.
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@joygracia (1327)
• Philippines
8 Feb 10
I trully agree with you with this. Its litterally a suffocating feeling its sick..
@novelcai (603)
• Philippines
8 Feb 10
hi there joygarcia. It seemed that a lt of people could relate to heartache. Many have been there, done that, and gotten bruised. However, across all these battle-scarred souls, you'll find that they kew what i was talking abut that even in one's darkest hour, you'll find many things worth appreciating. For one, there are the friends who help you bear the pain, then theres the family that embraces you with unconditional support, and finally, there are the inights that enrich your life and the opportunities that can grant you far grander experiences.
• Malaysia
31 Jul 10
Thats just the thing with love, when things are good between two people, it feels amazing, but when it ends or your relationship takes a knocking, it hurts really really bad. Love basically multiplies your emotions either way - when things are good they area great, but when things are bad they completely suck! Thats why some people are scared to commit because they don't want to get hurt, or if you like someone so much, it hurts - if you love them, and you can't have them then its such a terrible feeling. So yeah, its great when you love someone but it can also hurt a lot. So be prepared..^^
@34momma (13893)
• United States
21 Apr 10
life hurts. real love, true love doesn't hurt. i mean of course there are some bumps along the way because that's life. you need those bumps to make you stronger, to teach you life lessons. don't be so afraid of the pain or hurt that you don't open up to being really truely loved.
@obe212003 (2302)
• Philippines
27 Jan 10
For the hopeless romantics, love is synonymous with pain... the more you love, the more you hurt.. it is likely because loving someone with all your heart and soul does not really equate to being love back with the same intensity, thus leaving a gap that causes vulnerability...
@brymel25 (286)
• Philippines
25 Jan 10
it is in true love that you will experience pain. it's not love if we don't experience being hurt. it actually spices up the relationship.