Do you have warlords in your place?

January 17, 2010 9:49am CST
We have plenty of warlords in our country. They got the power from the people but they have the nerve to abuse the same people. The recent killings in one of our regions is a statement that the central government is incapable of controlling these warlords.
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• Estonia
17 Jan 10
Nah, we don't have such phenomenon. I can't even remember, when was the last time somebody got shot in our country, some knife-fights or beatings, but nothing serious, just some people get drunk and go out of control. There is no serious organized criminal in our country and I am happy about it.
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• Canada
18 Jan 10
No warlords around here in Canada. This is a very peaceful country. We have some troops in Iraq, and a lot in Afghanistan, but they are just troops, helping out. We are more about peacekeeping, than we are about fighting. Now that there was a disaster in Haiti, we are sending troops over there helping get the country back on its feet.