Buying new bibles

United States
January 17, 2010 10:14am CST
I am looking for several good study bibles for my family. My dog chewed up the binding of my bible about two years ago, and it is too much to handle - bible study takes way too long because I have to handle it so carefully. It is a master study bible and I liked it very much. My husband does not need a bible, but I and my four kids need new ones. I want us to all have KJV versions. I am thinking about buying a life application bible for my 13 year old son, but I have no idea what to buy for my girls (ages 7 & 9). I also have a 4 1/2 year old son - should I even bother to buy him one? Or should I just buy (or print) bible based coloring books for him? Do you have any suggestions for good KJV study bibles for us?
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24 Jan 10
I used to use the Youth Bible (NCV). In this Bible there are little bits of study that can be done by the young people and put in the right place as near to the study text as possible. There is also a dictionary in there and the language is easy to use. There is a website called where you can read different translations of the Bible where you could get your children to read from the different translations and see which translation they prefer so that you get a suitable one for them to use. I think you need to consult the children about which Bible they prefer because they need to be able to understand and relate to it. Also they are more likely to ise it to the full use if they can relate to it. Persoanlly though I try to use 4 different versions of the Bible in Bible study so it may be good to get different translations for all the people in the family. For Bible study I recommend!