Too much choclate !

January 17, 2010 12:08pm CST
Have u ever had the feeling when u crave 4 choclate ? And when u do get ur hands on some u just munch and crunch all of it, and then suddenly u stop, disgusted by the taste in ur mouth that has been there for the past 10 really is sikening i must say.have u ever experienced that ?
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• United States
17 Jan 10
i never had this experience before and don't think i will or want to cause am a chocolate lover and i am addicted to chocolate and i just can't have enough of it..when i don't get chocolate it's like am gonna go crazy.
• Tanzania
18 Jan 10
Hmmm really ? Have u ever tried a choclate cake ? I mean a REAL choclate cake with choclate sprinkles,fudge,choclate layers and the actual choclate cake ? I dnt knw bout u but after 7 bites of the cake i felt sick
@noorhizat (209)
• Malaysia
24 Mar 11
chocolate = haven. I noticed a few years ago that the common store brought chocolate are more to confectionery kind of taste. What is the real chocolate taste? I now know the real chocolate taste and it's haven. Rich pure chocolate that are hand made and containing more than 60% of coco is the one. I will not consider common store brought chocolate as real chocolate any more. Now I indulge in chocolate that are produce at 1 factory that I know off, they export their chocolate. We can call it luxury chocolate but what can I say, once you taste you are hooked. This kind of chocolate you don't eat or consume, no we savor the chocolate taste, only take small quantities but it's worth it.... ummmmmm
@besthope44 (12145)
• India
7 Sep 10
Hi Robeyro, I love cadbury very much. I always have them filled in my fridge with all type of cadburies. I always feel i am excited when i take one cadbury.