your story behind mylot

@xmlukax (231)
January 17, 2010 12:13pm CST
so how did you start myloting did your friend told you bout it? were you looking on sites on how to earn money and find it? did you just accidentaly found it? do you like mylot? how long do you mylot per day? what are your best features in mylot? are you more a poster or a discussion maker? how long posts do you usualy make? do you like to ask questions or would you like to hear what are people thinking about something? what topic does usualy your discussions have or what topic do you usualy post posts? do you have a lot of refferals? how did you get refferals?(friends, forums, videos, ...) do you have a lot of friends on mylot? did you met anyone that you have made good friends with?
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@kaylachan (4776)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
17 Jan 10
I was looking for writting work-at-home jobs where my lack of spelling skill wouldn't be a big hinderence in my ability to make money. I stumbbled upon a website I've used before and mylot was listed. After reading everything I thought I'd give it a try. Now here it is almost two months later and I'm more then halfway on my way to my second payout. If this keeps up and I post enough I should reach it fairly quickly.
• Philippines
17 Jan 10
I signup under a blogspot website which i just accidentally surf and i read that it pay. so i get curious and i sign up the rest is history..i learn a lot here and i am able to form friendship. i get excited reading responses, discussion and comments. i learn a lot which i have little access before when i am not involve on this sites.
• Indonesia
17 Jan 10
Wew!! tons of question. I forget how i found it. perhaps accidentally b'coz that i remember is i had no friend at all when i was here at the 1st time. I just can remember at that time i already had account here. I ever tried to remember how i found it but i failed... I'm very absentminded most of the time.