Top 3 Sci-Tech stories of Decade

January 17, 2010 12:39pm CST
Here i liketo discurse the most importent top science stroies of last decade.. 1.DNA,Genomes and stem cells: the most exited programme was about "genome" research programme ,which is aimed to decoding DNA , which has been almost boundles this decade.even before the drafts of human genome appeared in 2002. the most amount of work that went in the decoding it was being compared to landing man on the lunar surface. human were not the only creatures to have their decoded in the last few years . also solved this decade were the genomes of dogs,cows, chickens,horses,cats,mice,moths,chimps,mosquitos,bumbles bees,puffer fish and pigs.joining them in research process i.e data bases were the sequence of mustared plant, rice,corn,grape,and more species of virus, yeast,mold,algae and fungus than most people would care to count.and stem cells handelling become more importent from the field of biology.the cles hold tremendous promice to treat dseases like parkinson's and ancer because they have the potential to become any type of cell in the body 2.Large Hadron Collider: the most powerful particle accelerator ever designed was constructed over the last decade and is now te end of very 2009, scientist and engineers succeeded in getting protons to collide for the first time in lhc this process they set new record for the highest energy ever achieved for smashup bwetween two particles almost 2.4 trillion electron coming year .lhc scientist hope to reach even higher energies and to produce much more intense beams. 3.New materials..: the awardingof the 2009 nobel prize for physics to scientist making discoveries leadding to digital cameras and optical fiber communications underscores the idea that fundamental research is vital to development of importent technology.even when the practical application of that resarch lags behind by decades. particularly in he case of condensed matter.the two new forms of carbon were uncoverd and explored over last several years.thin cabon nanotubs,graphen ,a single atom thick sheet of carbon atoms..these two forms of carbon haveuseful properties including great strenght,electrical conductivity for integrated circuits and interresting thermal and optical features... meta matirals is another substance that was recently discovered.constructed from tiny arrays of rods and rings, they have bizzare optical properties that may one day adapted for variety of practical applicatins such as cell phone filters,thinlenses and cloaking applications do you know taht are the rest seven top science stories.. share here..
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