Are hawk eyes correct ?

January 18, 2010 1:36am CST
Well the ball hits the top of the stumps and it is out !. But what if the hawk eyes shows it. In my view the hawk eye technology used in Cricket to confirm LBW decision is not 100% right. Well it only considers the pace and bounce of the pitch. Does the pitch have similar pace and bounce throughout? Due to this several decisions had been under suspect. And these are shown after the decision is made. It raises question against the umpires.But we don't have better technology. So in my view either you don't show it or leave all the LBW decisions to hawk eyes not on umpires. Then it will be fair to all.
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18 Jan 10
It's accurate, It accounts for the bounce of the pitch as hawkeye is based on the flight of the ball, Where it lands and what happens after it has bounced. It's a system that was years in the making and has become accurate due to the tests done.