January 18, 2010 2:07pm CST
I have started working on oDesk on sunday and have achieved some success. I am applied for a translator job and have been accepted for an interview. I am hoping that the interview will go well so I can get the job. I was sceptical about joining odesk because i heard it was near impossible to get result. But really it isn't if you persevere. If anybody wants any info on the site or if you are interested in joining leave a post and I will reply when I can. I am still new to the site but I will tru to help with any info you want to know.
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@buncaila (264)
• India
18 Jan 10
congrats for your interview on odesk, however i want to say you that only accepting on interview is not success. on my experience, i have been interviewed 3 times but could not yet succeeded. I think, your success depends upon your profile status and previous work experience, and your feedback score in odesk.
• Ireland
19 Jan 10
Thank you for your feed back and I have now realised that I may been a bit excited when I started this discussion. I do how ever have some bad news to report. For some reason that I do not know odesk have closed my account and won't giva me any info into why it was closed.