what the meaning of love?

January 19, 2010 1:45am CST
how do you define about love?some people says that it was mysterious,magical,complex,difficult,imaginary etc.everything in this world have a cause and an effect.true love was the only feeling which was its own cause and its cause effect.it was something illogical and yet above all logic.I love his because I love his and I love his so I love his.in your opinion,what was the meaning of love?
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• India
19 Jan 10
Its not easy to do so as love in actual sense are feelings in one anothers life, feelings can be physical also. They can be emotional and more over they can be in any form. Love can be expressed ,can be felt by tenderly touching. True love is not easy to find. It depends upon individual as to in the form of giving not in taking only.