My So Called Friend Told My Deepest Secret To Everyone What Should I Do?

January 19, 2010 3:40am CST
I am confused why would my best friend do this to me. Should i do it back to him. Reveal his dirtiest secret ever or should i just ignore him and forget him as friend.
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@iharidh (309)
• Indonesia
19 Jan 10
First, let me tell you my opinion about your friend. According to me, someone like that is not worth enough to be your best friend. Some of us maybe think that if we have related to one person as a friend for a long time, we could state him/her as our best friend. In fact, the length of time is always being a test to our friend. Are they really trusted or no. True best friend should never disappoint you with this kind of matter, so they will always pass the test. Now my advice to you is that you don't have to do such a kind back to him. I would suggest you that you just pray to God for giving him the best for what he did to you, and may God turn his heart to be nicer. But for warning, you can tell him that you could just tell everybody his dirtiest secret ever for doing that to you, but you don't, because that what friends are for. Last but not least, I am very sorry to hear that from you, but I wish may God give the best to you from now on forward.
@Ravenladyj (22937)
• United States
19 Jan 10
Well doing it back to him wouldnt make you any better than what he is IMO....I personally would question him about it and find otu WHY he did it then make my decision on whether or not to end the friendship after hearing what he has to say....Not that there is IMO any excuse for his betrayal BUT maybe it slipped out or something and was a complete accident ya know...
@maiohmai (82)
• Philippines
19 Jan 10
A true friend is someone you can entrust even your deepest secrets but i guess that friend of yours is a bogus and is probably jealous of you. So when you shared your secret to her she saw that as an opportunity to destroy you.. Oh well.. you can keep your friend for old time sake but never trust her again with your secrets. =)