I like a girl,how can i win her love?

January 19, 2010 5:42am CST
I like a girl,whom is my colleague.But i am not familiar with her, we had chating on QQ about three weeks. I am invited her to dinner and appointment with me ,but she refuse me, so i don't know how will i do .who can tell me how can i do? thanks!
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• India
19 Mar 10
Do not give time to people who do not have time for you. Dump the girl there are many fish in the sea , cast your net and get one. This time make sure the girl is interested in you.
• Pakistan
19 Jan 10
Be sincere to her in true sense of words. Take genuine interest in her. Make her realise that you truly and sincerely love her, She is yours!
@skbrence (476)
• Philippines
19 Jan 10
Hi there rookiekan. Show up your assets and show her WHO REALLY YOU ARE. Well, if you are brave enough, you can confess what you feel to her and wish that she would like you too... Just be yourself. xD
• India
19 Jan 10
yes you can win her heart by giving her extra care and always praise what she done and always show so much care about her and tend to be love with her always
@etioewe (143)
• Mexico
19 Jan 10
well this is fine, just get to make some conversation with her get to know are properly and look for logics in winning her heart, try to find out things she likes, get her to always want to shear are thougths with you, finally i bet you with time she will be the one running after you wanting to know you more, you just try and relax when having some time with her, never give up, but dont involve anxiety in your approach just be the smooth operator.
@pengbubu (1015)
• China
19 Jan 10
Go ahead, keep chasing. I believe you will success. She won't refuse you for the second time. If so, ask her for the third time, at least she will tell you what is her feeling. I love China!
@wizteen (505)
• India
19 Jan 10
be confident, treat her like a woman,have interesting n humorous convos maybe.... if she is not in a relationship already,this might work for you.