Is Eminem loosing the vibe?

January 19, 2010 11:09am CST
Considering the same guy who dropped SLIM SHADY'S, Marshall Matters LP, EMINEM SHOW. People started saying Em is falling off from Encore. Remember the track 'careful wat you wish for' when Em himself said 'They go back and re-rate it called the Slim shady the greatest, marshall matters was a classic and Eminem show was fantastic but Encore didn't have the calliber to match it'. I'm a big fan of Eminem myself. I communicate thru almost all Eminem songs and i understand the real/hidden messages attached to each song. Honestly, personally i've not heard any artist write like Eminem. He has a special way of communication. Now is still just critics or is there some truth about Shady loosing his vibe in Rap? Okay lemme start by refering everyone reading this back to Relapse album. Some say the album doesn't have then Eminemic vibe. But i gotta ask you to replay the last track thats 'Underground', and now thats what i call compound syllabuls style of writing bars. You could feel the passion of the song. The way he flips the words and connect, disconnect and reconnect again is simply amazing. Not to talk of the track 'Beautiful' which was great. Then think wat he did to Wayne @ drop the world, should i talk about Drake's funeral @ his own song. You ever imagined the inner thought of a serial killer listen to '3 a.m', now all these are recent tracks. And some people think Eminem is loosing it. Try getting the Relapse:Refill and listen to 'Taking my ball' doesn't the song talk to you?
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@mjcookie (2274)
• Philippines
19 Jan 10
Maybe that is true. He has new releases these days but they don't get as popular as Slim Shady. I think it's bad karma for him, LOL, because of his rude attitude. I remember what MJ said about him, that he shouldn't be trusted because he's not a nice guy. Remember when Eminem always made exaggerated parodies of celebrities like Britney and Christina, and in his songs he insulted other artists like Michael himself and Mariah Carey. His songs are really catchy, and they could be funny for some who like that type of humor, but its still insulting. I'd have to admit though, I like "Stan". It's more on the serious side and it doesn't have much offensive lyrics..
19 Jan 10
Yeah sure mj said that cos Em insulted him. You know Em is just trying to make fun thats all. I wish people will understand that. Stan on the other hand is a classic. I love it too.
@mjcookie (2274)
• Philippines
20 Jan 10
A lot of people booed him in one MTV music awards I think because he got really overboard with his jokes.
@reaper88 (19)
• Bulgaria
24 Mar 10
I think Eminem still has it. His good songs are just less than in the past years. Just listen to Underground from Realpse and you'll see what I'm talking about.
• United States
10 Mar 10
I strongly agree with MIKEBUDDY. I am a big eminem fan to. If there are still any doubters out there just listen to a song called WHAT THE BEAT wit em, methodman, and royce. some of the best lyrical nonsence i've ever heard. Nobody has ever rapped as harsh as he has. " I,m flabbergasted off 2 tabs of acid, through my baby's mother in the hatchback and lached it". another great line from a not so well known song.. Check out my myspace. My name is timothy santiano, and i have alot of great lines posted. I could keep typing his best lines but that would take forever..EMINEM IS THE GREATEST RAPPER THAT EVER LIVE AND IV'E VIBEB WITH HIS MUSIC SINCE HIS FIRST SOLO ALBUM "INFINITE" CHECK IT OUT.