Emily Rose

United States
November 15, 2006 8:26am CST
Emily Rose was so happy, soon she would be a wife to her love. She counted the days, twenty more days and she would be his bride. Danile was a good hard working man. He made a good living. A snow storm swept the country. It was bad! The worse they had ever seen. He had to go put the horses in the barn and gather all the animals to shelter. Emily begged him not to go, but he did, for the love of his animals he felt he had to save them! Danile never returned and when the snow melted they found his remains. Emily was so devasted without her love that she went to his grave every year & faced the wheather no matter what it was in case his spirit returned. Year after year she went! He never showed. Years later Emily discovered that if you go to the loved ones grave, at the time of death they would appear. Poor Emily had always left before that time. She was never present at his time of death. So she never saw him. It was sixty years later when Emily went on hallowen night at the time he died. He did appear as his young self. Emily was an old woman and he did not know her so he left. Yet Emily died the next day after seeing her love. Would she find him in the spirit world?
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