Why did I dreamed her?

i dreamed about her - Look at this lady. She came in my dream. I don't know why?
January 19, 2010 2:10pm CST
Right now I am a student and residing in college hostel. Whenever I go to my home during holidays since I left my home I used to go to a aunt who is my neighbor. I didn't forget to go to her home before returning to my hostel. But during last holidays I knew that I had to go there but I was so busy that I couldn't go there and just returned back to my hostel. Just one day after I dreamed about her. When I woke up in the morning, dreaming about her meant nothing to me. Then I made a call to my mom back home. She said that aunt was alright that day. Half a month have passed to that incident but still I am unable to find the answer of why I dreamed her? If you can elaborate then please.
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• India
26 Jan 10
this happens if we have lot of love or affection to person.man can get die but ouir souls are immortel.if that spul has any wish before elaving that materail body .. it can perform its action for few days then he leaves this atmosphere
@emarie (5451)
• United States
26 Jan 10
Well, all dreams have meaning. They may seem random but dreams are your unconscious mind working on issues and problems. From what I know and what you've just told me, it could be that you were feeling really guilty for not seeing your aunt while you were at home and your dreams were telling you that. Sometimes when you miss someone weather they are alive or not you can dream about them. Its your mind telling you you still care.
• Canada
24 Jan 10
Your dreams are random. It's probably a complete coincidence that you saw her in your dream. Or, it can mean something more. Someone once said that if you see someone in your dreams, it means they want to see you. (I think TIME Magazine)