european government

@elly1384 (353)
January 20, 2010 1:27am CST
or are there a things that you want to change
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@maximax8 (29148)
• United Kingdom
7 Feb 10
I live in Europe and my home country is governed by the Labor Party at the moment. Every few years there is a national election and when I was a child the labor Party was in followed by the Conservative Party. We speak English in my home country. I know that years ago my home country had close ties with Australia and New Zealand. Lately it has developed close ties with Europe politically. Each country in Europe has a different government. In my home country we have a Royal Family and the head of it is The Queen. I think France is a republic. My home country belongs to the European Community. More and more countries are joining the European Community and then that country gets funding. I visited Bulgaria and Romania in 2006 and know they were planning to join. Just three percent of Turkey is in Asia. I lose count of all the countries joining the European Community. When I first began traveling each European country had its own currency like the French Franc in France and the Italian Lira in Italy. Now many countries in Europe have adopted the Euro. My home country still have Pounds Sterling.