The reason why we should choose the one we love.

@Hubfee (665)
January 20, 2010 3:44am CST
Talking about love, sometime it's funny. Especailly, when you love someone but that person doesn't love you back or there is someone loves you but you don't really care. I was asked, whom will I choose between the one I love and the one loves me. I answered that I would choose the one I love?? Then I got follow question about the reason and the feeling that I don't feel pity on the one loves me. Well, I think to love someone or being in relationship with someone is not feeling pity toward to each other. I think love is not that deseprated. I think everyone here already have experienced falling in love and being loved by others. Sometime things weren't worked out, got bored, got annoyed, got tasteless, and many more that lead to breaking up relationship. If I choose someone who loves me but I don't love that one then I will surely break up with her so why do I have to waste the time for the both of us? I'm surely that either that one or me will hurt the feeling of each other so it's better to keep it in the way of friendship and control the distance well. If love is tuned to be equal then there will be only happiness. But in a year there are more than one season then how about feeling? Love someone who loves you back is the best. The price of love should be being loved in return. Like I love my mother and she loves me too. he he he Anyway, I think some people might have the different answer. What I can say is just choose the best fo yourself but make sure that you're not hurting someone or letting someone hurt you so much that you have no motivation to do anything.
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@DenverLC (1146)
• Philippines
21 Jan 10
Love should always be mutual. It must be a choice that comes from two loving hearts. If someone is loving truly, while the other is not, then there is no use of prolonging a relationship. It will just be a waste of time sharing a real love to a wrong person. As the saying goes, if we really love that person, we must let him/her go no matter how hurting it is, for him or her to find a real love. The question maybe is that, what about the one who is really loving? well love has its own perfect moment, at the right time and for the right person.
• United States
20 Jan 10
I agree with you. I definitely beleive that everyone should choose the one they love or the one who loves them. Because your right, otherwise one person would not be happy in the relationship. It may be uncomfortable having to tell that person that you have no feelings for them, but its always better to be honest. A lot of young teens seem to get in this predicament many times. Where they no longer like their boyfriend/girlfriend but they don't want to hurt their feelings by breaking up. But its always better to just be honest and to be happy.