the woman who drowned her kids in the lake

@MoonGypsy (4613)
United States
January 20, 2010 8:40am CST
a few years back, a lady drove her two toddlers strapped in their car seats and drowned in the river. she released the break, got out of the car and watched her children drowned. she heard them screaming when they woke up and found that there was water in the car and they couldn't get out. she stood there!!!!!!! she lied and said a black man kidnapped the three of them, and did it. they said she did it cause of the man she was having an affair with. the guy didn't want her cause she had kids!!!! i can't believe her. she actually made me re-think the death penalty. she murdered her babies. she is up for parole in 2024!!!! she is going to get out. they put people on the death chair for less than that. what in the H-E- Double Hockey Stick are people thinking. how did she get over on that. you see, i am watching this on tv now, and i am in tears. i just can't listen to it anymore. i am soooooooo mad at that girl. i don't believe in the death penalty, but sometimes some people make you want to revisit your decision, and reforming you personal belief systems. i hate her for that, too. i hate that she makes people who like the death penalty look like they are right in their position. i think they should let her out so she could get lynch mobed. cause let me tell you, there are people in the world who could do it AND get away with it. people looked like they wanted to lynch her. i can't believe they won't let her rot jail for life. i would die without my babies. before i hurt them, i would stab myself in the chest. i would rather do that. i am sooo taken back by the story. you all should see me..i'm just like crying. those babies were soo cute, how could she do it? please tell me you all, tell me i'm not just being irrational cause i'm a mother. tell me that you think she should die in jail a horrible death. shanked. tell me that she got off easy.
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• Philippines
21 Jan 10
there are mothers who don't know how to become a real mother to their children. they shouldn't be allowed to bear a child in the first place. how i wish there would be a qualifying test for women who plan to bear a child to determine their suitability to rear a child. i wish there is a school on parenting and how to nurture a child, to nurture them with values and love. but sad to say there is not such thing. and more sad thing is that every woman can bear child as they wish... the government should be strict is implementing parental education for those who would be mothers, to aide them in their motherhood...