do you remember your happy days

@gowsik (100)
January 20, 2010 9:35am CST
do you remember your happy days when you where playing as a child or spending time with your relatives or friends or family without worrying about anything in the world do you feel why you had grown up now
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• India
26 Jan 10
Yes i remember a lot wat i have done in my childhood.Yes, Ofcorse because of my parents i'm beliving in astrology...Both my plus and minus are my parents, especially my dad will interfere in my personal life.even he will insist me about the color of the dress that i want to wear..but i trust that they can interfere in our marriage life, since they bought up to the world, they know wat to do for me...and it will also be nice for us wat is no matter why they advice but it in wat they advice us to do or some thing else....
• India
20 Jan 10
Dai i'm always thinking that why we grown up....? if we doesn't grown up means how the world will be, all are childish and always happy,no more worries
• China
20 Jan 10
Hi,gowsik,I always reminisce my sweet childhood days,I have a really happy childhood and I'm happy and thankful for it.I've heard someone said when u start reminiscing it is bcz u r old and u r unhappy at present,but I think everyone won't forget his or her best memory.Have a nice day and take care.