Would you pay for that overpriced bouquet or that candlelight dinner on Vday?

January 20, 2010 9:44am CST
To many lovers who are so deeply in love, Valentine's day seems to be the most important date marked on their calendars. Lovers choose that special day to tie the knot, boyfriends pop that all-so-important question with a carat diamond ring. Love is indeed in the air on that special day where lovers all around the world celebrate that unanimously recognised day of love. Savvy businessmen thus see this day as an excellent opportunity to bring in profits. Florists mark up prices of their bouquets by few folds at least knowing flowers are perhaps a gal's second best friend after of course that sacred sparkling diamond. Restaurants come up with lavish dinner menus (of course accompanied with a hefty check) to entice lovers in this celebration mood. Some think it is just a commercial tactic employed by business people to reap in profits on this special day and thus would rather pamper their loved ones with gifts and bouquets which are not exorbitantly priced on any other normal day than splurging unnecessarily on Valentine's Day? What is your say? =)
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20 Jan 10
I don't know I feel soo torn! Part of me feels that the best time I could have with my bf is something inexpensive and small. But another part of me wants to go all out and spend over $100 easy! I will probably end up just keeping it small. Money can't buy 'romance' it can only try and enhance it. But small, personal and more intimate things are natural ways to start romance too. I will say on V-day, they do have ridiculous prices on flowers. Last year my boyfriend spent $75 on a dozen roses! I felt soo bad. He could have gone to the grocery store and picked me up a random bouquet of flowers for only like $20. So I feel like maybe its best not to get suckered into all these expensive ideas. I will probably just dosomething quaint :)