Sitting too long shorten age

@atleya (947)
January 20, 2010 10:19pm CST
Just now, I read one article said that sitting too long will shorten our age. This is based on study made by researchers from Canada for 12 years against 17,000 responders. Sitting too long will increase the risk of obesity and heart attack. After sitting for 4 hours, gen which arrange glucose and fat in the body will stop working. So, it is recommended if you work in the office or sit down in front of computer, you must often stand up, maybe to take something, to drink or whatever.. I myself work in the office, and very surprise read this article, because most of my time (8 hours a day) I sit down in front of computer. How about with you, friends? Have a good day. Best wishes,
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@adhyz82 (36263)
• Indonesia
23 Jan 10
ya, i read too in my local portal news. it`s shocking you know. but i think it`s good article for us to maximize our time to exercise and do sports.
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@yogeshdhusa (2237)
• India
22 Jan 10
Hi ! atleya I also keep on sitting in front of the computer I would keep in mind to stand and exercise a little and keep fit Thank you for starting the discussion