Some People Are Blind - At Head And Heart

January 21, 2010 2:58am CST
Some people are really blind. What I want to mean here to you is that they are blind at head and heart. They always wear a straitjacket around their selves and they can't get out of it. Because of that they can't see anything in their true light. They think that they are always right about what they say and what they do. So you are never allowed to right their wrongs. So you have got to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to what they do and and what they see. I have such a friend of that sort. He has a strong political ideology. He is more than a political extremist to say the least. He talks a lot of things about his revolutionary zeal I have to listen to him with bated breath. And I simply succumb to his blind truism. He sees a lot hope and potential in the ongoing insurgency in our country. He thinks revolution is in the air without thinking about what has happened to the earlier revolutions that carried nightmares among the people. He thinks that people are already read to rise against the misappropriation of power. Sometimes I ask him whether it is really so when the people and communities are more or less fragmented to organise themselves. Can they really do so? Yes, why not - he says as it is historically determined. But he never cares much about whether historical determination hold any water so far as the current tendencies of people's politico-culture are concerned. I think that changes have been always there and it is the law of social motions but the case of radical changes are most unpredictable. He will never admit to concede any thing with his obsessions of revolutionary political zeal...
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