Can someone explain me what is differnce between character and personality?

January 21, 2010 6:43am CST
I Am not really looking for the book definition of the two.Are these two related?if not how
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@Sreekala (24432)
• India
25 Jan 10
Hi great, I think both are related to each other. Personality is the appearance of the individual and we can have an idea by looking at one glance but character is something deep in mind and will understand by knowing the person deeply. Personality may be the outlook of a person but character may be keeping inside the person. This is my personal opinion only.
@yogeshdhusa (2237)
• India
24 Jan 10
Hi, I feel the personality means - the appearance of the person, what we feel about the person at the first meet and first glance. Its just an overview. and Character means we come to know after knowing the person. EG " What He/she will say on a particular situation or How he/she will react on a particular situation" understanding him/her. eg: "He is kind" you wont understand this at first glance but after knowing him/her. Hope i am able to explain.