Finding fashion with out spending a fortune

@chulce (1539)
United States
January 21, 2010 8:01am CST
Okay, I have to admit that I still like to watch this movie once in a while. The Devil Wears Prada keeps me trying to make sure that I dress nice when I leave the house. Yes, I will be the first to admit that there have been times, that I simply go out in my sweats looking like I just rolled out of bed, but hey when you have to hurry, why bother changing. Just get it over with. Anyway, I have been taking a close look at many of the fashion trends and realized that hey, it isn't so much about the name brand and the over all buying of new things, but more about what colors are popular for the season. I looked at several things that were happening for fall and winter 2009, and figured I would see how I could stay in fashion with out spending a lot of money. For those of you in the fashion industry, I am sorry, that I haven't been supporting your pockets. However, with the economy, we are all tightening our belts! Anyway, after looking at the colors and accessories I figured a way of keeping up with fashion with out spending a great deal of money. I hope this will help you as well. 1) Look at the colors chosen for the season. 2) See what you have currently in your closet that may work for the new color wheel. 3) if you feel you need to add something, hit the second hand stores. In many cases not only are you helping a great charity, but you are saving a few pennies in your pocket. Some shops do have sales keep your eyes and ears open and find out when to get even better deals on items. 4) Keep the accessories simple. If gold is part of the hip trend, use stuff you already have, it works! 5) Go with the flow and find your own way. Just because the fashion world is saying this or that is in fashion. I say what ever makes you feel good, wear it... Its all about being you. 6) Have fun! That's right, even if you are huge into being into fashion but still want to look nice when it comes to going to work, etc. Work with what you have and only add in what you may need. Do you follow the trends or are you more thrifty and only try to follow the colors of the season?
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