XBox 360 Vs. Playstation 3

United States
January 21, 2010 10:56am CST
We are a bit behind times here and my teenage son, and my husband both want an updated game system. I need some help here. I'm considering it for V-Day gift to the family, but need to know which one is better. My son complains that his friends have to shut off their XBox 360 frequently because they over heat... I'm not very technical when it comes to these things! I come from the Pac Man era! :-) I would appreciate any opinions and advise on this, Thanks!
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• India
25 Apr 10
xbox for life..nothing like will just have to take a 15 min break after 2 hours
@raisur (423)
• Bangladesh
22 Jan 10
hi beautifulbrooke... i think ps3 is much better than xbox 360... its graphics is probably little better than that of an xbox 360 and you can also play blue ray discs in it... you can also consider buying a nintendo wii... the prime advantage in wii is that it will make you move... you won't be playing sitting... say, while playing tennis, you will have to play with real motions of tennis shots... same for base ball or bowling... playing boxing will really make you sweat... you can have daily exercises with wii fit... besides, other games are also available for a wii... so, if you ask me, i would suggest you to choose between ps3 and wii...
@dikonoha (122)
• Indonesia
21 Jan 10
I comport with PS3, cause is lighter and purnarable even I admit that PS3 is lower than XBOX 360, that from my experient.