Is mediocrity killing your future?

January 21, 2010 11:16pm CST
Mediocrity is one very deterring factor that hinders personal growth in an individual. It is an enemy of our soul that hinders us to see the great potential within us and to see our dreams come to pass.Falling into negative self image, feeling of inadequacy, skepticism, insecurities, lack of self confidence and procrastination are the common symptoms that best described it. Success they say is a decision and we have a choice whether we can be brave enough to test the water and explore our potentials, or just simply admit that "you can not do it because..." Get tapped in the "able" person within you and stop defeating yourselves with fear and unbelief. Change your situations in life by renewing your mind to the God given possibilities and potential within you. Explore it today and reap the reward tomorrow!
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