lie for kindness

January 22, 2010 4:52am CST
it's true that lie was not good.everyone will feel brokenheart if we lie something to other people.but sometimes,we have to lie for kindness other.many reason that we have to lie.but u know u couldn't and did like to lie.but,the situation force u to lie for kindness.what do u do?lie for kindness or still honest?
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• Philippines
25 Apr 10
there are lies that i think is good. for example you have to order that you will not hurt others feeling. but as much as must tell the truth. though it hurt to hear the the end it will always be better.
@Tallygirl09 (1385)
• United States
22 Jan 10
My mother used to teach us that there were 2 kinds of lying, white lies and real lying. White lies are those you tell when someone asks you something like do you like my haircut and honestly you don't. So you tell them a white lie as in it Wow, it's a whole different look for you. And generally they are happy that you noticed that it makes them look different. Did you say you liked it? No you didn't so in a way that's a lie since you avoided answering the question. But when it's a real issue then you have to be truthful and choose your words carefully. When a friend of mine got a marriage proposal and asked me if I thought they should get married. I was stuck. I had to gently tell her that he wasn't the best match for her. So what I did was start a conversation about how many times they had broken up before and why...that gave her the answer and I ended the conversation with I love and really want you to be happy no matter what choice you make I will support you. She married him and I went to the wedding and celebrated with them. And prayed for the best. Sadly, 2 years later, they were divorced since once again, he had cheated on her. I had told her what she didn't want to hear before she married him and made sure that I never came close to reminding her of that when she was so upset about the divorce. It's a fine line and like you I try to be sensitive to people's feelings. Your kindness is very much appreciated by your friends and family I am sure!! Be Well!
@Zhizho (1352)
• Indonesia
22 Jan 10
Hi..ainur.I agree with you that lie is not good thing.We has tought by our religion to be honest.I don't think that there is lie for kindness.I love to call it as try to wise.Maybe we don't have to lie but just choose the right word.So,you are not lie but just keep the truth and suggest to direct (someone who we have to lie)to looking for the truth by own.
@DenverLC (1146)
• Philippines
22 Jan 10
To be kind is not a good reason to lie. When you lie it only shows that you are fooling the other person, and you are not helping him or her out towards a right direction. Lies will always be lies, regardless of our intention. With some reasonable situation maybe, like when you have to lie for your safety or security's sake.