Problem in neobux!!!!!!

January 22, 2010 12:35pm CST
Friends...u all know that neobux is a legit site which really pays to it's members.I am also a member of neobux.But guys n gals, my neobux account is suspended as I didn't logged in for 60 days . I had $0.90 in that account before suspension. Now whenever open my account , it shows suspended.And it is written to open another account in neobux and then contact their support team from that new account to remove suspension in the suspended account .And in their Terms and Condition,it is also written that,,when an account is suspended ,the account balance is reset to $0. What does it mean ? Have i lost all my money from that account?? What to do now???? Plzzz Help........
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@KompitaPita (2053)
• Bulgaria
22 Jan 10
Hello, Sonai. I am sorry, but your account was suspended. If you didn't loggin to your Neobux account for 90 days, they delete the account and you lose all your earnings there. I have the same bad experience with this site. I've made an account there and after that I didn't login to the site about three months so they just delete my account. But my earnings were not much. Then I made another account and I know that I must login at least once a month, or if I forgot to do this I will loose my earnings.
@nykel88 (1003)
• Philippines
24 Jan 10
I got to agree with Kompita. Had the same situation last year. Coz i really thought they were a scam and had like mmm... just .50 cent not that much and didnt log in for like 2 months then they suspended my account for inactivity. Lol Funny I joined back because they get such great earnings.
• Iran
24 Jan 10
I'm sorry but It is not possible to get your money back you can also contact them but its better to register a new account and be active