Stiffness in Handwashed Clothing

January 22, 2010 4:14pm CST
For those of you without a dryer, or who prefer to handwash... does anyone know how to handwash and not have the clothes go all stiff? It's mostly pants (particularly jeans), but sometimes shirts as well -- after handwashing I'll hang them up to dry and they'll go quite stiff and are uncomfortable to wear for a brief period before they loosen up. Am I doing something wrong? (Not rinsing enough?) I handwash underthings and never have this problem with those. Thanks in advance! :)
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• India
22 Jan 10
I just washing myself in washing machine and i am not wash my hand i just wash myself simply as all of them were washing clothes,i don't do like you, i don't feel as a big difference ,i just wash my clothes normally in washing machine and also drying at the dryer machine option ,i don't wash my hand,there is no big difference for me as i feel,so this is my view about this topic ,and have a nice day my lotter.
23 Jan 10
Thanks for your response - I don't have a washing machine at the moment, and the laundromat is too expensive, so handwashing is my only option.