Oparla Search Engine: does it pay?

January 23, 2010 8:23am CST
so basically I've been searching around on Google and blogs on whether there are any search engines that pay. I came across this ZotSpot search engine but couldn't figure out how it pays since it doesnt tell you plus I could sign up for an account :S. Anyways I then found myself on a UK search engine called Oparla that says it pays you for money but I searched for payment proofs and nothing came up. So I'm just wondering what you guys and girls think? I'm actually using it now as my primary search engine so I tell you if it works or not but if anyone else wants to try it why not? no fee to join or anything. Oparla.com But the thing that has got me curious is that there are no settings. you know like entering pay pal details and stuff.
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