Do u think green banana delicious?

January 23, 2010 10:50am CST
HI,mylotters,do u like eating bananas?If yes ,then do u like green bananas?I prefer green bananas to ripe yellow ones.Ps:I mean not very very green one.They taste sweet and have a little sour,and I really like the green smells of green bananas.What about u?Ur voice pLz.
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@TAZNEM (656)
• Philippines
26 Feb 10
yeah i think they are, not because they are green they are not as sweet as yellow once, our country produces many kinds of bananas, and green bananas are still green even if they are so ripe.
@yogambal_64 (1016)
• India
24 Jan 10
Yes I do like the green bananas more than the yellow ones and have it almost everyday, It is very good for the health I have heard.
@UnnatV (129)
• India
23 Jan 10
Green bananas are raw ones my friend. They are not ripe enough! I have tried them once. But I could not have it fully as they were raw. We should allow them to becme ripe. The after some days we can have it. It does not get damaged.
• India
23 Jan 10
i like bananas because it helps to keep our body healthy and fresh.i like the taste of the bananas and every fruit.but in every banana there is having a lot of healthy things which our human body needs every day...
@cynthiann (18619)
• Jamaica
23 Jan 10
I love soft boiled green bananas eaten with butter ans some kind of gravy. I never liked them at first but I acquired the taste after moving to Jamaica many,many years ago. We had a banana farm and exported bananas and so we had bananas as a staple for at least once a day.I used to enjoy them with liver cooked in a gravy.although I no longer live on the farm I still purchase green bananas in the market and cook them.Oh, I also enjoy ripe bananas too.It is a wonderful fruit - full of potassium.