What drives you crazy about your other half?

United States
January 23, 2010 12:58pm CST
Yesterday i thought i was going to kill my bf, i think everyone feels that way or at least i hope i'm not the only one! I could go through a vast array of things he does that drive me nuts, but the silliest thing that grabs my attention the most is his usage of condiments!! I know it sounds silly, but i love to cook...I spend hours in the kitchen seasonig, basting ect. the whole works. And when it's all done I watch him grab a plate fill it up and before tasting anything smother the dish in hot sauce or vinegar!!! It just rubs me the wrong way, why even bother to take the time to add flavor to my dishes if he is going to drown it out anyway grrrr! What does your other half do that drives you mad?
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@lbbaby (489)
• China
25 Jan 10
Well, I think that if my other half doesn't care about me, I would be mad, for example that he doesn't what color I love, what fruits I like to eat, what kind of flowers I love and so on. I would feel like that he really doesn't love me. On the other hand, if he cheats on me, I think we're almost over then. You know all girls want to be payed great attention from her boyfriend so I don't think I ask too much.
@Ford666UK (103)
23 Jan 10
I think everyones other halves have things that annoy them, sometimes even things that don't normally get to you can do. I think one of my fianc├ęs annoying habits is that when I suggest something he won't act on it but soon as his Dad says it he sees I'm right. Funny thing is though as much as it annoys me I just let it go now.
@saphrina (31739)
• South Africa
23 Jan 10
Actually, my hubby think that no food is worth eating, if he cannot literally drown it in tomato sauce. I was actually spitefull, one day when i didn,t buy a new bottle. When he actually tasted the food, the compliments just kept on coming. I almost felt like a movie star. And stupid, as i can sometimes be, went and do the grocery shopping, and yes the new bottle. And yes, you are right, we just have to teach the food to swim in it all over again.