Are you a Full Metal Alchemist fan?

United States
January 23, 2010 6:13pm CST
My fiance is. He even has the alchemist tattoo on his arm. He has the game and a set of the series. He did have the movie, but his ex-wife pawned that off. He is so far into it that I am getting the red jacket thing that Ed wears for him as a wedding gift. I found a site that makes an awesome replica of it and has nothing but the best reviews. If you want the name of the site PM me and I'll be happy to give it to you. Be prepared to pay a hefty sum though. As with most all FMA stuff, it is expensive. I am also thinking of getting him the movie back.
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@br3ndy (468)
• Indonesia
22 Oct 11
Wow it means he's a very huge fans of FMA. For me, i'm just a normal fans ^_^ But, i've gotta admit that FMA has a very great stories and the characters are very loveable too. No wonder many people really likes FMA. Definitely one of the best anime show.
19 Feb 11
the alchemist sign? You mean the circle or the symbol on the back of ed's jacket? you fiance is a super ed fan!!! awesome!!
• Philippines
16 Jul 10
Really? That's so cool, what site is that? I am also addicted to FMA three years ago. I collected tiny figurines of FMA characters you can get from manga stores and I also have FMA game in PS2. If my allowance could afford, I'd buy Ed's red jacket and cosplay him xD I just don't have any idea where I can get a robotic arm, lol.