How to survive in a competitive society ? Do you have a good idea?

Guangzhou, China
January 24, 2010 5:36am CST
With the fast development of society,competition becomes fiercer and fierver. People in all walks of life face competition.As we are in the society,there are nore competitive waiting for us.So, competition will accompany us throughout our life. Although we have to face a lot of competition,cooperation is also of great importance to achieve many goals.In today's society ,if we want to survive,we have to strenghten our ability.Firstly, we must acquire much knowledge .Secondly, we had better take part in all kinds of activities to make more friends and pratice our communication skills.Finally,we need to cooperative through a lot team work. Do you think what I have said is enough? Do you have something to add? What is your idea about surviving in the society?
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