Studying about "html" or web pages via home than enrolling to a computer school

January 24, 2010 8:04am CST
Web design make a lot of money, yet I enrolled Accountancy; unfortunately not done yet. Now I am setting in front of my pc thinking what is the best solution to get work with a good salary. Upon browsing and reading several sites info, just came into my mind why I do not study web making? But the thinking caused me headache. That was great but I do not even know how to make a single web page. Then came into my mind why do not study on a computer school during weekends, however I thought of an alternative--the one that can save any tuition fee...why not finding a website that teaches everyone to know how a webpage should be done properly and successfully. Today, I come every now and then in front with my pc with a fruit full end... studying HTML and other related topics. Yet I do not know if this is more effective and practical than enrolling myself in a real computer school where there a many expert professors that can teach me well.
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