Health Care Jobs and Economyin the US.

United States
January 24, 2010 8:25am CST
Just my opinion... it seems desperation is driving people to hate and reject healthcare pursuits the way Obama has pushed for it, now that the pivotal election in Massachusetts and around the country is over. I feel that people, in the midst of fear and a lack of liberal services for the public and needy, are blinded by the notion of a quick buck rather than a smart buck. If the entire health care industry was revolutionized and reformed, our entire nation could gear itself towards studying to be doctors, nurses, and anything that's involved in the medical field. This would create more school jobs, more earners to spend more money, which means there would be more menial labor jobs because people would have money for things like starbucks lattes and dining out again. It would be a huge snowball effect. Right now, the key is to support everyone with everything we have and keep us all alive, healthy, safe, and moving forward. If families fall, pick them up... create construction jobs to build homes, housing tenaments to no end and begin to prepare our economy for the eventual end of almost global war that will come to die down slowly but surely as we regain our sense of security and safety again, and have more means and power to treat and aide the world in the way we see fit. That way, when all the soldiers who enlisted before 911, after 911, and are enlisting now out of desperation, regardless of their motive, have something good to come back to, and have jobs, homes, and families to return to. Healthcare for them, mentally and physically, is part of the issue as well. When all those soldiers come back, we'll need care for them and their families, as well as the average persons and I believe 100% that streamlining, reforming, and totally rebuilding healthcare to become an entirely different and more accessible industry for all American students and workers is the key to becoming the utopia we all want. Life, health, and happiness, should be the one thing we can all agree on, and I believe that if the overwhelming majority of us worked in a positive and helpful field for the greater good, as a society, our entire disposition and attitude on life and civilization would change for the better and advance in positive and beneficial ways at an astoundingly rapid pace.
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