which is the web technology which is hot these days

@1anurag1 (3580)
January 24, 2010 10:40am CST
i can work on all from java to .net and even on php. but i know there is a need of expertise but people have different prospective of thoughts. which can be a good and long running technology according to you.
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• Romania
24 Jan 10
I'm a PHP programmer so I might be subjective, but I think this is the future. I don't say this is the best programming language out there, but for me I can say it works the best for what I do. Why? Because it's not so restrictive like the other languages. Because it's free. Because it's easy to use. Because it's fast. Because it works great with MySQL, HTML, CSS. Because it's easy to adapt the scripts for different web projects. I'm working as a freelancer right now and I'm working with PHP. I always managed to do my job fast, with good quality. I think this is the future for at least a few years. If you work for huge projects in big companies maybe PHP it's not the best solution. But for projects that I work on as a freelancer for small companies and personal sites it's the best thing out there.
@1anurag1 (3580)
• India
30 Jan 10
thanks for response i agree with you. php is a very good language and it is also easy to learn initially. but i think there are still other languages going good. but i get confused most of the time. that which language i must opt for my specialization.
• China
28 Feb 10
I think we should master one language such as PHP. Today it is easy to teach ourself learning other languages. But you should be expert at least on one language which you can depends on earning money from getacoder or other similar sites.
@darkdeivu (257)
• Philippines
22 Apr 10
I think the css3 for designer's out there this is the hottest web technology in web designing.More features looks great and more fun stuff to explore. Have hear about css3 try search in goggle. Enjoy!
• India
25 Jan 10
its a technology so no guesses and any prediction coz innovation can come from any end
• United States
24 Jan 10
If you don't already code in LINUX you ought to. Also learn everything you can in multiplatform sense, ie, Mac OS, UNIX, LINUX, etc. As a designer you might also revisit DHTML code, which although old and little used - is still superior for the fluidity of source code and graphics on any webpage. I'm just a self taught geek, not a black hat. Hope my opinon is helpful to you.