January 24, 2010 1:32pm CST
is a legit site? please help me? i uploaded some material which is useful for competitive exams and posted link in orkut account....many guys send me thanks to email for posting useful material. but problem is my earning should increase for each download rite? but its not happening that way it is same 23 cents which i got in my first day. help me.
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@rtbh25 (3)
24 Jan 10
I'm pretty sure the site is legit, however it does take a while for the cash to add up on the site because when someone is downloading your file, they have to do some kind of survey and sometimes it's not possible for them to do it or it takes too long, so the person usually gets annoyed with it and chooses to download the file somewhere else. I think you'd have better luck on a website where you do offers to earn money, if you're interested, PM me or let me know and I can give you some links to one or two good sites that I use. (have made about 40$ from them in a month)
• India
14 Jun 10
I tried share cash and it is not working for me. Can you please provide the link of two good site you have mentioned. I need them to make some money
@zearah (5289)
• Philippines
24 Jan 10
Good you have already earned ...still waiting here...
• India
24 Jan 10
is it?you sure ur files are downloaded?
@tixepower (1196)
• Sweden
25 Jan 10
I think not all countries have offers to complete before downloading the file.