Some people..

January 24, 2010 6:54pm CST
A guy near us has had his house up for sale for 3 years. It's not overpriced, its just not attractive to sellers (faces into the morning sun, on a hill that means when its windy the house is buffeted by it) He doesn't live nearby, so has to hire a mower guy to do the lawns etc, and he has to clean it now and then (dust etc) A woman nearby with 2 kids has asked him twice now about renting it. Her kids are both young teen girls, and shes actually a bit of a neat freak. To me, not renting it for say $200 a week while its still advertised for sale, boggles me. The lawns would be mowed, the house would be clean, and seeing some furniture/lived in look, might help it sell. Thoughts?
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