Haiti Relief Fund

United States
January 24, 2010 7:44pm CST
I wonder how much money has been raised for the Haiti Relief Fund. Do you believe that there is an excessive amount of money being sent to Haiti or do you think it will still not be enough? After watching the celebrity Relief efforts on the local channels it made me see from a different point of view, but I still beleive that as much money as has been donated they should be taken care of! The president sent $100 million and there are relief funds all over the world sending money to Haiti. It is hard to beleive how much there was loss, I think it must be very hard for the children that are being adopted by Americans, they just lost their families, and now they are being moved to an entirely new country and many don't even speak English. Let's pray for them!
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@youdontsay (3503)
• United States
26 Jan 10
I don't know that there could be too much money for saving and developing Haiti. First of all, all the things they need urgently cost money. It costs money to transport the needed items after they are purchased. It costs money to operate the machinery and tools used to clear the wreckage. It costs money for everything. Even though governments and organizations provide aid it takes money for them to do it. The military personnel from the various nations are being paid their monthly wages and they are using food, water, and medicine themselves. Once things are stable it will cost many, many millions to rebuild the homes and businesses that have been destroyed. Imagine how much it costs to build one mile of highway, then multiply that by hundreds. That doesn't even take into consideration bridges, traffic signs, etc. Then imagine rebuilding your government buildings - all of them. And then there are the office machines, furniture, heating/cooling, etc. and etc. The list is endless. No, I don't think there are too many dollars for them to use. Take your capitol city and imagine replacing the whole thing. Then start building decent homes for two million people. Even basic Happy Houses cost $600 each. [The Haiti Health Foundation has been building these in rural communities for a decade to replace the shacks made of sticks on dirt floors. Check it out online.] So what is that multiplied by at least two million? The adopted children were already matched with American families and they were living in orphanages waiting for red tape to be gotten through. I agree that it would be best for the child to be taken into the home of a family member if there is any family that exists. My hope is that people will be willing to help support families who take in the children who have lost their parents so that they can safely remain in Haiti. It is hard for children to be taken out of their culture and placed in another culture. But it is hard to determine which is better - take them out of their culture or leave them to starve or die of diseases or be abused. There don't seem to be many easy answers for this kind of disaster. We must pray for all of the Haitian people and for the people who are there to help.